Martha and Brooke publish new paper in Integrative Organismal Biology

Today, Martha  and Muñoz Lab graduate student, Brooke Bodensteiner, published a paper in the inaugural issue of Integrative Organismal Biology, a new open access journal through the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.  In this conceptual paper, Martha and Brooke bridge two classic hypotheses – Janzen’s Hypothesis and the Bogert Hypotheses – which have been foundational concepts in biology for several decades. The result is a synthesis that links climatic variation, organismal behavior, physiological variation, and rates of evolution in a single conceptual framework. Specifically, Martha and Brooke argue that high climatic variation favors behavioral thermoregulation, which limits physiological turnover across environments, and results in slower evolution. In contrast, low climatic variability limits behavior, fosters physiological turnover, and results in faster evolution. They illustrate these connections using empirical data from Caribbean Anolis lizards. This integrative conceptual framework is widely applicable to a number of fundamental questions in organismal biology, ecology, and evolution.

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